December 7, 2008

On the road in California during the holidays this year

This year we are putting miles on the Toyota Prius rather than rubber stamps in our passport. Where will you spend your holidays? Besides being my home, I am reminded that California is a popular destination.

Given the drop in gas prices lately and the fact that after five years our car is still getting over 40 miles a gallon, I say we made the right decision to skip the airports this winter.

However that doesn't mean we are missing out because California has some great places to get to by car. I'm talking the greenest museum and aquarium, world class ski resorts and breathtaking national parks.

Getting out on the road this winter will be an adventure and one that I plan to start preparing for now with a winter roadside kit with water, map, blanket, flares and a flashlight. I probably will order something from a place like this.

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