December 29, 2008

Wag Hotels and traveling with your four-legged co-pilot

Do you have a co-pilot that has four legs? I'm talking about a companion that can be as messy and as bossy as any roommate. I'm not referring to the little teacup sized pups carried around by popstars. Well sometimes that sweet co-pilot cannot always come with you on a trip.

A good friend and fellow writer Maria Goodavage, has lots of resourceful books to help dog lovers. Her books are illustrated by the great Phil Frank, a cartoonist from the San Francisco Chronicle. The guides come with a wealth of information including lots of specific resources for those of us living in California, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. And she just issued an updated version of her San Francisco guidebook this year.

Another great resource in the Bay Area are Wag Hotels for dogs and cats! They offer wonderful boarding and pet care in an environment that is healthy for your best friend and little buddy.

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