August 31, 2007

Travel Tip # 5: Choosing a Bag

If you haven't checked it out yet, go to site One Bag. It has some great tips for travel and sound advice regarding packing. Two of my favorite tips for choosing a bag:
  1. quality — because luggage takes a beating, and because quality should always be an important consideration
  2. transportability — because you will carry your luggage more than the carriers will (and yes, you will carry it)
It is true!!! I cannot concur enough with these two points. When I was still in high school my brother in college had me come for a weeks visit. It was my first travel alone trip with time on a bus and a subway, alone. I also had to carry my own suitcase. Ugh. It was a harsh lesson when you meet up with your older, idolized brother, who will make you carry your suitcase the many blocks to his apartment just to prove a point. Yes, he was the one to teach me the importance of packing light. Because, as One Bag mentions, you will carry your luggage.

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