August 21, 2007

A Day in Florence

My top five list for a day in Florence:
  1. Ponte Vecchio
  2. Uffizi Galleria
  3. Piazza Signoria
  4. Duomo
  5. That's it....
If you have only a day in this beautiful city, you must visit the Duomo. It is an incredible structure with pink, green and white marble.

Photo credit: S.F. Castellanos

Walking to and over the Ponte Vecchio is also a must. As you walk the bridge enjoy the windows filled with gold and silver. Looking at the people around you, squint your eyes and imagine the time of the Renaissance and this exact same bridge would be filled with people in robes rather than jeans and sneakers. If you know when you are coming to Florence, I highly recommend booking ahead tickets to the Uffizi. It is worth the effort and you can do it online. My top five this time includes only four because the Uffizi may take longer than you think, and if you end up with any spare time there is always a wonderful cafe calling to you.

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