August 19, 2007

Virgin America

I love Virgin Airlines. I've flown them several times overseas and each time had a pretty great experience. Upper Class is the best way to travel. You get the cutest and nicest attendants. Not your mom. No offense to my mom, but she is the last person I'd want as an attendant since she'd be all over me if I didn't finish my plate, not to mention she'd be watching way too closely how many drinks I had....

Back to my point, Virgin upper class attendants offer to make up your bed soon after take off from SFO heading to Europe. You can choose between a manicure, massage or other treatment during the flight. And if they don't get to you, they give you a card that you can use on your return flight giving you first choice. FYI many passengers choose the massage, and since the attendant giving them out even at 15-20 minutes each, gets pooped. Thus that selection gets bumped from the list pretty quickly. The flight across the US and Atlantic is as wonderful as it can get.

As of a month ago, they are flying from San Francisco for domestic flights. Therefore I am very interested to hear if you have flown with them yet? .. please write in and tell me your experiences....

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