August 23, 2007

A Day in Venice

Venice is one of my new favorite cities. I spent a week there and the time just flew by. No cars are allowed in the city which give you a very different experience than other busy cities. Here the traffic and noises come from tourist feet and various boats plying the canals.

My top five list for a day in Venice:
  1. Take #1 water bus vaporetto from start to finish
  2. Visit the Peggy Guggenheim museum
  3. Go out to the Lido and touch the ocean
  4. Have dinner along the lagoon
  5. Pay up for a water taxi when leaving town
Photo credits: S.F. Castellanos

This would be my perfect day because it gives you a little taste of all of Venice. You can enjoy quite a lot of the grand canal by taking the number one line. It is inexpensive and if you stake out a spot by the side, a nice way to take photos. Stopping in at the Guggenheim gives you a view of a gorgeous villa and an art collection by a woman with a keen eye. Picking up the vaporetto again and heading out to the outlying island of Lido will expose you to how Venetians vacation. You also will finally be at an ocean beach, which after the canals is a nice break. And finally head back to the waterfront area that faces the lagoon and enjoy a nice meal watching the sunset. When it is time to head back to the airport or train station, nothing beats a ride in a water taxi. It is a little bit Casino Royale and a lot of just pure luxury. Bellisimo!

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